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Solid Hardwood Floors

Solid wood is very often used in flooring and is the oldest kind of wood flooring. Each board is made form one solid piece of wood. You can find solid flooring in a lot of houses , all kinds of domestic species such as golden oak or hard maple, you can get the exotic wood as well. You can divide solid floors to unfinished and prefinished.

Info about solid floors:

 Can be installed over wooden sub floor only.
 You can find unfinished and prefinished
 Come in different sizes, width.
 Can be laid in different directions
 Can be refinished many times.
 Can have borders
 The surface of the floor will be smooth and without the bevels
 You can stain it to different colors
 You can choose from different kinds of finishes: satin , semi-gloss, high-gloss

Engineered Floors

Engineered hardwood flooring is prefabricated so it can take higher moisture differences then solid floors; it is designed form different kinds of wood, boards are made from the layer of softer and harder wood, that makes it very stable board and very resistant to expansion.

Info about engineered floors:

Comes prefinished and unfinished but 90% are prefinished
You do not have to sand prefinished engineered floors
Are great for installation over concrete
Engineered floors come in diffrent colors and hardness
Have durable finish that is most of the time satin
Have a bevel between the boards.

Distressed Hardwood Flooring.

Distressed flooring can add very unique look to your house. Floorboards comes uneven and sometimes have small imperfections, that gives the floor old look. This is a great choice for a wooden house or contemporary house if you would like to add a little contrast to the modern design. Distressed flooring comes solid and engineered.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are very durable floors. They are usually more affordable then real hardwood floors. There is a lot of options as far as color, and sizes.

Environmental and sustainable wood flooring.

Green building is what we care about, there are a lot of floors we install that are eco friendly, you can choose from bamboo, cork or recycled woods recovered from old houses or barns, this is basically old wood that have been reused for making floor boards.

Bamboo Flooring

It has been produced for long time now and you can find all kinds of bamboo floors: solid bamboo, engineered, hand scraped, unfinished or prefinished, wide boards, narrow boards virtually any color and kind you can imagine. Strand bamboo is a relatively new product that is extremely durable and hard. It is widely used in residential and commercial construction. Every kind of bamboo floor is eco Friendly, it saves threes, bamboo is actually a grass and grows very fast, making the bamboo flooring sustainable product.

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